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Sarah has empowered and educated audiences with her warm personality and fiery passion to motivate people to embrace their innate worth and live their best life. She has a talent for thoughtful truth-telling and authentic personal vulnerability. Her transparency about her own relationship breakdowns and breakthroughs provides a blueprint for others to reconnect to their personal power, speak their truth, tame their inner critic, reclaim their innate worth, and cultivate fulfilling relationships where they feel valued and appreciated.

She is the boundary setting boss lady, call you on your bullshit, cheerleader in your corner girlfriend that we all want to have drinks with. She is an enthusiast of SoulSync moments and her core value of connection radiates to the audience. Her superpower is her ability to make people feel seen, heard, known, and VALUED. Her action-taker style gives the audience empowering concepts paired with tangible takeaways for immediate implementation. Her authentic interaction makes you feel like you have been welcomed into her home for an Italian family style open house–leaving you with a memorable experience.

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“Sarah is a dynamic speaker than exudes confidence. Her concepts are clear and concise with powerful real life examples. The tools she provides and steps to follow left me feeling like I have the tools to make the changes I so needed even though I hadn’t even realized it yet. Her story of losing herself while trying to please others felt like she was speaking directly to me and for me as my story so closely relates.”Lynn Thomas, EAGALA Co-Founder and CEO  



The Stonehenge of Self Esteem: 7 Pillars to Rock Solid Confidence

In a culture fueled by image and comparison, we find ourselves feeling like we are not enough and compromising who we are in order to please others. We look outside of ourselves for confirmation of our worth. We become dependent on external validation that we are worthy. Learn the 7 essential components of self esteem so that you can reform your inner critic, reclaim your worth as a birthright, and build a confidence as resilient as Stonehenge.


Happily Ever After Begins Within

You meet your Prince Charming or Gorgeous Queen. Then years pass, a few kids later, and you find yourself feeling unappreciated and resentful even when you still love your partner. You start to lose hope that you will ever get your needs met and the fairy tale seems like a distant fantasy. Our reflex is to blame others for our unmet needs. Our anger and resentment builds and our feelings of unlove-ability rise, but it’s not too late. Learn how to use the Happily Ever After Formula to reconnect to your power, reclaim your self worth, and get your needs met without all the nagging and arguing so that you too can cultivate fulfilling relationships.


Body Honesty: Uncover the Truth About Body Image & Learn To Embrace The Skin You’re In

Body Image has become an epidemic thanks to the weapons of mass deception such as Photoshop, spanks, and plastic surgery just to name a few. These lies leave women with no honest reference point of what the female body looks like and instead twists their brains with unrealistic expectations. Rescue yourself from body hatred, stop obsessing over changing your body, and learn the truth about body expectations so that you can reconnect to your body today.

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“I have learned so much. I am able to listen wholeheartedly because it feels like she is speaking from her heart- sharing her own journey as she teaches and speaks unscripted as if we are in a conversation. I am thankful for her concrete and practical tools, while addressing shame thoughts in an amazingly non-judgmental way. I can feel both validated and hopeful, so that I put her suggestions into actions. I now find myself “primed” to challenge critical self-talk or the authenticity of expectations that do not serve me. Sarah is a brilliant teacher and her excitement for self-growth really feels contagious!”Jessica Deeb, Attendee




“I truly enjoyed Sarah’s stress management presentation at my company training. She comes across as a very genuine person, and is very excited about what she’s sharing. The energy she brings to her presentation is almost as important as the words she speaks.

She easily and effortlessly kept conversation going among our group,  and her particular brand of encouragement led people out of their comfort zone and into participation. The exercises she led were filled with relatively simple concepts, to be honest.  But the big takeaway I heard people discussing later was her explanation on how to reframe situations to empower yourself where you might easily be discouraged or feel overwhelmed.

She also made a very serious point about the importance of self-care: doing simple things to restore your soul and your energy when you feel depleted, or doing small things regularly for yourself so that you are less likely to experience burnout. To “fill your tank” so you have more to give to others at work and at home.

Her presentation was simple, enjoyable, and filled with great, usable information for  managing stressful situations at work and in your personal life. There was something for everyone.” -Jennifer (OFM, Inc)


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